tranzitionalpod (tranzitionalpod) wrote in grubhub,

lets C, 4 lunch i heated ^ sum left-overz frum [la] nite B4
big chunky pieces uv (of) chicken, white kidney beanz, an
spanish rice. i made cheezy corn quesadillaz th@ i cut 2
look like chips. i placed all [la] food in-2 uh bowl and
topped it with sour cream, avo., little wedgez uv (of)
lemon, an [la] chip style corn quesadillaz stuck in-2 it

4 dinner, i sauteed sum onionz/zucchini/tomatoes with
seasoning. i broiled sum tex mex veggie burgerz, th@
R moist/tender/meaty. i toasted 1 piece uv (of) bread
instead uv (of) 2, in order 2 make it open face. sOo
i slathered sum organic mayo/mustard on [la] slice,
an then topped it with [la] burger/veggiez/cheeze

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