tranzitionalpod (tranzitionalpod) wrote in grubhub,


i'm in the process of making sum wild & basmati rice pilaf
with sum organic can'd black beanz. i've also shredded ^
sum left over organic chicken breasts th@ i made last nite
slathered in barbeque sauce. i combined th@ last nite with
sum red potatoes an zucchini slices th@ i microwaved. i put
then in uh big zip lock type bag, leave uh corner open & zap
them for 5-7 min. on each side depending on thier size. sum
timez i do them uh little longer if they don't feel soft enough.
i then take the whole bag out using uh dry rag/towel an open
^ the bag carefully. then i cut the bag open with sum scissorz
,sO th@ i can re-move the potatoes without them falling apart
.....this also included uh pretty big salad to go along with it = )

i will B putting the rice/beanz/chicken in an organic flour tortilla
with sum salsa/cheeze/sour cream/shredded carrot. if you don't
like/can't eat dairy you can substitute with non dairy products.. can also steam sum veggies with salsa to give your burrito
uh [mas] more wet taste if you don't uze sour cream... if you are
not allergic to soy, you can blend sum tofu cubez with uhm lemon
juice/lime with nutrional yeast for uh soury cheezy yum flavor = )~

if you're on uh low carb. diet then substitute with itemz th@ you
are suppose to be eating for your low carb. diet. i try to balance
it out between protien an carbz. since i tend to burn really fast..
az in carbz.. at least accourding to a test i took that determines
wether you burn/break down/process meat quiker or carbz... not
sure how accurate/true it wuz, but accourdin 2 the test carbz R
easier for my body to burn/break down/process, meanin th@ my
body utilizez whut carbz have to offer... so if you're body can't
burn/break down/process carbz quickly then they just turn into
uh sugar which can lead 2 wieght gain.... hence low carb diets.

once again this wuz frum a test, but i can't remember the name
of the book.... it wuz frum when i wurked at a health food store.

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