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[cocina loca]/crazy kitchen

let's make sum [comida]/food

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grub hub
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i'm a freakazoid space cadet, who likes to zip around on my magik carpet and
space ship =) lol... uhm ya, th@'s part of uh story-line i've been wurkin on. hi,
i'm xgirl_crangirl! also known az crangirl, crAngirl, x-girl/crangirl:::::

i'm also tranzitionalpod, reinventedtake3, reinventedtake2, an the
original cranspace. i am also ='z 10, multi, old ass handle iz tie-dye. an no i'm
not multi faceteded, i'm 100% female. it's part of an awesome storyline a/s/l-ness.

welcome 2 the hub of grub/grubhub: also known az [cocina loca]/crazy kitchen
don't be taking any of my wurd usagez either switches, i've been wurkin on stuff
4 uh long time. >out-side uv (of) enjoyable wurd usagez, an story type linezzz uv
(of) course (;)< [cocina loca] cocina loca combined/not combined either way it
will/iz property of crangirl. all crangirl stuff since 95 iz here by copy-writed an
all th@ fun stuff! otherz reciepes are not included in my property of course!

this community iz 4 anyone whom would like 2 post sum yum reciepes 4 sharing.
it duzn't really matter whut you make, greasy/healthy/interesting/even right out
strange. this comm. iz 4 helping anyone who might need uh boost on how 2 make
the dreariness of coming up with fun/unique ideaz 4 th@ never ending need 4 our
bodiez 2 replenish with food. i'll try my best 2 post az often az possible..... alsO,
remember th@ we all don't have 2 like the same thing. this iz really more 4 tryin
2 figure out on whut 2 do with thoze thingz we keep in the frig. and pantry = )

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